Stockton Lake releases increased

Kansas City District, Northwestern Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Published March 30, 2021

Due to sustained high inflows into Stockton Lake since March 12th, releases of 5,500 cubic feet per second, or cfs, and up to 6,300 cfs will continue as downstream conditions allow.

Forecasted conditions indicate that a release of 6,000 cfs will continue till approximately April 9, 2021 with no additional rainfall and potentially into early May with additional rainfall in the basin.

Stockton Lake is currently at pool elevation 873.88 feet which results in 23.5% of the flood control pool being occupied. Inflows are estimated at 1,300 cfs with a reservoir release of 5,500 cfs potentially increasing to 6,000 cfs later today.

The public is encouraged to exercise safety on and near the water. Lake level and release information can be obtained from the Corps website at

For additional information, contact the Kansas City District Public Affairs office at (816) 389-3486.

Kansas City District Public Affairs
Kansas City, Mo.

Release no. 21-016