Perry Lake to implement new reservation policy and reduce reservation window for the 2020 camping season

Kansas City District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Published Oct. 29, 2019

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Perry Lake has announced a new reservation policy for the 2020 recreation season. Beginning May 1, 2020 all sites in Rock Creek Park will be 100% reserveable. This will result in several changes for campers at Rock Creek Park at Perry Lake.

  • Rock Creek Park: 100% of the sites at these parks will be reserveable online or pay by phone using a credit or debit card only at or 1-877-444-6777
  • Reservations will no longer be taken at the park attendant booth and the booth will not have regularly staffed hours
  • These campsites will have a zero day reservation window. This will allow for a “walk up” same day visitor to find a site that is unoccupied and not reserved to call in and reserve the site. will provide the availability of that site for additional days if desired
  • Park volunteers will post reservation tags daily, making contact with campers to verify occupancy, checking passes, issuing white arrival tags and boat ramp hang tags
  • Sites may be reserved 180 days in advance (see note for 2020 camping season)
  • All paid sites must be occupied by a camping unit (Hard sided camper or Tent) during reservation dates

Slough Creek and Old Town Park will continue to have both reserveable and non-reserveable sites, there will be no changes made to current reservation policies for Longview Group Camp. Please check the inventory as the site status (reserveable/non-reserveable and site numbers) may have changed from flooding. Slough Creek and Old Town Park will also continue to have a staffed park attendant booth with regular hours. Reserveable sites can be booked online at or by phone at 1-877-444-6777. The park attendant can make reservations for both Slough Creek and Old Town Park during posted hours.  

The 180 day advanced reservation window will be modified for the 2020 camping season.As of October 29, 2019 several campsites and roads at Perry Lake are still impacted by high water. Park Rangers and Park Maintenance workers are still uncertain of the extent of the damages and do not have a clear time frame when sites will become available. When a better determination can be made of operating dates in 2020 the reservation system will become available online and over the phone.

“Ensuring the parks are safe before we open them is our number one priority as there are portions of parks that are still inaccessible due to high water.We are making every effort to make repairs to what we can access, however we still do not have a full grasp of the damage, cost for repairs, or a solid timeframe of when each area will become fully operational,” said park manager Jason Hurley.

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Kansas City District Public Affairs
Kansas City, Mo.

Release no. 19-071