Corps of Engineers park facilities at Truman Lake impacted by flooding

Kansas City District Public Affairs
Published May 10, 2019

Recent rains have increased Harry S. Truman Lake’s elevation to 724.11’ mean sea level this morning, and the lake is expected to surpass 728’ msl by mid-week next week – that is with no additional rain. Therefore, some Corps of Engineers facilities are being closed or partially closed due to flooding. Increased surveillance of the dam will begin at elevation 725.6’ msl.

Long Shoal and Bucksaw Campgrounds will close today by noon. It is expected that Talley Bend Campground, Sparrowfoot Campground - B Loop, and Berry Bend Equestrian Campground will close by Monday May 13. It is suggested that campers with reservations for the coming weeks check the status of their reservations by calling 877-444-6777.

Campgrounds that remain partially open are Sparrowfoot A Loop, Berry Bend C Loop, Thibaut Point, and Osage Bluff.

Cooper Creek ATV Area is closed. Corps swimming beaches will remain closed until further notice.

Closed boat ramps include Windsor Crossing, Fairfield, Shawnee Bend, and Berry Bend. Ramps that may be closed next week include Long Shoal, Osage Bluff, Thibaut Point, Crowe’s Crossing, and Sac River.

High water boat ramps are open at Shawnee Bend, Berry Bend, and State Park. Bledsoe Ferry Ramp is also open.

Please contact individual marinas, as well as Harry S. Truman State Park, for information on availability of their facilities.

The Corps is also reminding boaters that high water levels can make boating more hazardous. Officials advise boaters and anglers to prepare for these conditions and use extra caution. When boating, no matter how high the water, be sure to wear a life jacket. You should also remember to use the boat’s kill switch and slow down to watch for submerged debris.

Use caution when launching because high water can make ramps tricky. Be patient if others take a little longer than normal. When boating near the shore or in coves, go slow to avoid underwater obstacles such as signposts, picnic tables, trees, stumps and other obstructions that are normally on dry ground.   

For more information, contact the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Harry S. Truman Lake at (660) 438-7317, ext. 1.

Kansas City District Public Affairs
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Harry S. Truman Lake
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