Construction work near Perry Lake dam during August and September

Published July 20, 2018

PERRY, Kan. – Corps of Engineers staff will be working at Perry Dam in August and September 2018 to rehabilitate the existing ditch located along the downstream toe. 

This ditch provides drainage to the 32 relief wells located downstream of the dam.  The relief wells reduce hydrostatic pressures within the foundation of the dam and improve overall stability. The relief wells and drainage ditch are critical features to the dam and the Corps will rehabilitate the ditch to ensure that the system continues to serve its purpose and the dam can continue to operate safely.

The construction project will include removal of the existing rock and reworking of the ditch to provide better drainage.  The final ditch will include rocked slopes and a concrete bottom to help with future maintenance. Kansas City District crews will do the construction and anticipate completion before the end of September 2018.

"The relief well and drainage ditch system at Perry are critical features to the dam and must be fully functional to ensure safe performance of the dam. This work will improve the condition of the ditch and ensure the dam can continue to operate safely," said Scott Mensing, Dam Safety Program Manager for the Kansas City District.

While Corps officials do not anticipate any road closures, they do urge caution to drivers near the construction to be aware of trucks and equipment using the toe road of Perry Dam.

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Kansas City District Public Affairs
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Release no. 18-043