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Daily Information

  • Know the current lake conditions.
  • Be aware of forecasted weather.
  • Always wear your life jacket

Date:     April 16, 2014

Lake Elevation:    868.10

Normal Elevation:  867.00

Discharging to the Sac River:  540 cfs (500 cfs over the spillway, 40 cfs thru low-flow valve)

*Power generation varies daily based upon supply and demand. For projected power generation visit http://www.swpa.gov/generation.htm or call 1-866-494-1993. You will be prompted to enter a code designating the lake you are inquiring about. The code for Stockton Lake is 17 and the code for Harry S. Truman Lake is 18. This is a projected schedule only and subject to change without notice.



High: 51

Low:  42

Current: 42

Lake Surface Temperature:  50

River Surface Temperature: 50

Precipitation:  0.05"

Evaporation:   0.31