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Daily Information

  • Know the current lake conditions.
  • Be aware of forecasted weather.
  • Always wear your life jacket

Date:    18 April 2014

Normal Pool Elevation:    974.00

Lake Elevation: 972.08    Outflow:    15

Temperature at 7 am: 34    High: 47   Low:  31   Water Surface Temperature: 47

Wind Direction:  E   

Speed: 2  Peak:  21

Measured Precipitation:    0.00

Ice coverage on Lake:  0%

Boat Ramps:

All ramps are open.

Remember the lake level is nearly two feet below conservation pool at this time.  Boaters should be cautious and be prepared for unseen submerged hazards.  Prepare for the unexpected by always wearing your life jacket and have a plan if you were to have a boating problem.  

The water temperatures had warmed but have cooled again with the colder weather.  Crappie fishing should be improving now with longer days and warmer weather.  Each spring when runnoff occurs and as the water temperatures begin to warm fishing is usually best in the creeks flowing into the lake, coves on the north side of the lake and at the Rock Quarry.  Start a fishing trip at Light House Bay and North Shore Marinas. Both marinas offer fishing from the docks for a small fee. 

Don't Be A Sinker! Be Aware of Hypothermia! The Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks has a zero tolerance policy for lifejacket violations.

Pomona Lake’s 50th Year: Still a sparkling jewel in the ‘Water Sports Capital of Kansas’