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Daily Information

  • Know the current lake conditions.
  • Be aware of forecasted weather.
  • Always wear your life jacket

Date:    28 July 2014

Normal Pool Elevation:    974.00

Lake Elevation: 974.14  Outflow:   15

Temperature at 7 am: 63    High: 89   Low:  63   Water Surface Temperature: 80

Wind Direction:  N   

Speed: 3  Peak:  23

Measured Precipitation:   0.00

Ice coverage on Lake:  0%

Boat Ramps:  All ramps are open

Prepare for the unexpected by always wearing your life jacket and have a plan if you were to have a boating problem.  

Fishing is rated as good particularly for Crappie, catfish and wipper.     

When boating, have the proper number of life jackets, be aware of changing weather, the possibility of unseen boating hazards and make sure your boat is in good operating condition!  Earlier this year two people drowned in Kansas while trying to recover dropped items from the water!  Don't Be A Sinker! Wear a life jacket!!  The Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks has a zero tolerance policy for lifejacket violations.

Pomona Lake’s 50th Year: Still a sparkling jewel in the ‘Water Sports Capital of Kansas’