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Daily Information


Date:    24 November 2015

Normal Pool Elevation:    974.00

Lake Elevation: 973.01  Outflow:  15

Temperature at 7 am: 40   High: 67  Low: 34   Water Surface Temperature: 59

Wind Direction:  SE

Speed: 10    Peak:  18     Measured Precipitation:  0.00   Ice coverage on Lake:  0%

Boat Ramps:  All Boat Ramps are open at this time.     

Zebra Mussels were found in Management Cove of Pomona Lake in 2014 so remember to; Clean, drain & dry your boat after coming to Pomona Lake!  This area was treated to attempt to kill the mussels but some have survived the treatment process.


Fish feeders are operating in the Management Cove as well as both marinas. 

Remember, always wear a life jacket!  It could save your life! 

Do you know what hypothermia is?  This is a situation when a persons body temperature drops below normal and can be caused by falling into cold water or even by exposure to cold temperatures.  Many people become disoriented and confused and can die.  People that are involved in water related activities when the water and/or weather are cold must be aware of this danger and plan accordingly.  When people are recreating in cold water or in icy conditions things can often go bad in a hurry.  Use good judgement when thinking about these types of adventures as you may be risking your life and even others with you as they will be compelled to assist you. 

When boating, have the proper number of life jackets, be aware of changing weather, the possibility of unseen boating hazards and make sure your boat is in good operating condition!  Approximately 90% of people who drown never intended to be in the water.  Last year two people drowned in Kansas while trying to recover dropped items from the water!  Don't Be A Sinker! Wear a life jacket!!  The Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks has a zero tolerance policy for lifejacket violations.

This is Pomona Lake’s 51st Year: Still a sparkling jewel in the ‘Water Sports Capital of Kansas’

Let's make this the safest year yet!