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Daily Information

      *  Milford Lake is currently under a Blue-Green Algae "Warning" level notice for those areas North of Farnum Creek and an "Advisory" level notice for all areas South of Farnum Creek.  These conditions will remain in effect through the Labor Day Holiday weekend.  Please click our "Health Advisory Status" tab for more information.


  • Date:    August 30, 2014

    Lake Elevation:    1145.77

Multipurpose Pool Elevation:    1144.40

Flood Pool Elevation:    1176.20

Discharge:    25 CFS

Inflow:  161 CFS



Current:    64

Past 24 Hours: 

High:  86

Low:  64

Lake Water Surface Temperature:    81
Outlet Channel Water Surface Temperature:    81



Past 24 Hours:    0.02

Calendar Year to Date:        21.63

Average Precipitation
Calendar Year to Date:



Direction:  SW  

Speed: 1

Past 24 Hours:

Maximum Wind Speed: 17   

Evaporation Rate: 0.24