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Daily Information

The information on this page is updated daily. To see the most current data, you may need to hit ctrl+F5 to refresh your browser.

Zones A, B, and C are in a "Clear" status and testing is completed for the year.  A Map of the zones for Milford Lake can be found here.


  • Date:    November 25,  2015

    Lake Elevation:    1145.00

Multipurpose Pool Elevation:    1144.40

Flood Pool Elevation:    1176.20

Discharge:    100 CFS

Inflow:  124 CFS

Current Ice Coverage:  0%                                                                                                                                                           


Current:  52

Past 24 Hour: 

High: 62

Low:  51

Lake Water Surface Temperature:  53

Outlet Channel Water Surface Temperature:  53


Past 24 Hours:  .00

Calendar Year to Date:        30.00

Average Precipitation
Calendar Year to Date:

Wind Conditions

Direction: S

Speed: 15

Past 24 hours:

Maximum Wind Speed: 30

Evaporation Rate: .09