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Daily Information

  • Know the current lake conditions.
  • Be aware of forecasted weather.
  • Aways wear your life jacket

Date:    May 3, 2015

Lake Elevation:    874.55

Normal Elevation:    875.5

Outflow to Wakarusa:    21 CFS


                                              Air Temperature

Current (8:00am): 62 °F

High: 76 °F

Low:  59 °F

Water Surface Temperature: 61 °F (2 May 2015)



                                               Ice and Ramp Status

Ice Cover: none

State Park Ramps 1-3: Open (30 March)

Corps Ramps 4-7: Open (30 March)

*Please note:  During the winter, the status of the ramps can change daily depending on temperatures, wind speed, and wind direction.  For more information, please call the Corps at 785-843-7665 or the State at 785-842-8562




Direction: S

Speed: 6 mph

Peak: 22 mph

Precipitation : 0.06"