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Safety for All Seasons

Download Bobber the Water Safety Dog's Safe Boating Activity Sheet at www.bobber.info
Bobber's Safe Boating Activity Sheet
Download Bobber the Water Safety Dog's Safe Boating Activity Sheet at www.bobber.info
Swimming at the Lake
Swimming at the Lake
Follow after these smart kids and wear your life jacket when you swim at the lake.
Kid ATV rider
Kid ATV rider
Perry Lake offers an ATV Trail with over 140 acres of easy to difficult terrain, as well as a children's riding area for vehicles 50cc's or smaller.
ATV Park
ATV Park
ATV riders and dirt bikers gather at the Perry ATV Trail. Make sure you follow the rules and wear the correct safety equipment while on the trail.
Horseback Riders
Horseback Riders
The Equestrian trails offer a great opportunity for kids and adults alike to enjoy the outdoors while saddled atop their four legged beasts.
Clinton Lake
Clinton Lake
Clinton Lake horse.
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Remember to wear a life jacket
These kids enjoyed a beautiful day at Longview Lake!

Bobber the Water Safety Dog



The Water Safety Dog

Bio - Bobber the Water Safety Dog is from Waterfowl Lake. Bobber is man's best friend when is come to promoting water safety. Here are all of Bobber's Golden Rules to being safe while in or near the water:

1. Learn to Swim Well!

2. Don't swim in water over your head!

3. Always have an adult with you!

4. Wear a Life Jacket!

For Cartoons and other water safety fun go to Bobber's official website www.Bobber.info.


Please Wear It

Life Jackets Worn...Nobody Mourns

Every year thousands of people in the United States mourn the loss of loved ones that could have survived if they were wearing a life jacket while recreating on our nation’s waters. Over the past twenty years 89% of all water related fatalities involve people not wearing life jackets.

 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would like to remind you that life jackets save lives, so please wear it when visiting your local Corps of Engineers lake.

Check out PleaseWearIt.com to find valuable tips and resources that could save your life or the life of someone you care about. 


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