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Civilian Personnel Advisory Center

CPAC Mission: Recruit, develop, and sustain a professional civilian workforce through effective, efficient, and responsive Human Resources products and advisory services.

CPAC Vision: Supporting America's Army by providing and sustaining World Class Civilian Employees, earning the recognition as Best in Class.


Work for the Corps


We are actively hiring talented and motivated US citizens in our offices in the US and around the world.  Current job openings can be found on OPM's USAJOBS website.  Open positions may include the following mission critical occupations:

  • General Natural Resources Management and Biological Sciences series (0401)
  • Engineering Technical series (0802)
  • Construction Control Technical series (0809)
  • Civill Engineering series (0810)
  • Mechanical Engineering series (0830)
  • Electrical Engineering series (0850)
  • Contract Specialist series (1102)
  • Realty series (1170)
  • Lock and Dam Operating series (5426)
  • Program Managers (0340)
  • Administrative Support (0303)
  • Budget Analysis series (0560)
  • Financial Administration series (0501)

New Employment Opportunities

Planner (Interdisciplinary)


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Department of the Army Kansas City, Missouri --> Kanas City, Missouri Starting at $87,804 (GS 13) Permanent • Full-Time This job is open to: Opening and closing dates --> Open 08/16/2018 to 08/20/2018 Interested candidates must email or fax their resumes by 5:00PM CST, Monday, August 20, 2018 to timothy.j.kurgan@usace.army.mil, FAX 816-389-2188


The position requires a broad technical background and experience in various functions; a full and in-depth understanding of the Corps of Engineers procedures and authorization and appropriation processes; and a strong management background. The incumbent is required to integrate sponsor/customer requirements and participation into a comprehensive management plan that is fully coordinated with all contributing agencies and organizations including various functional elements within the district, establishing responsibilities and setting expectations.

Current Kansas City District Employment Opportunities

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Department of the Army Saint Louis, Missouri --> Saint Louis, Missouri Starting at $61,801 (GS 11-12) Permanent • Full-Time This job is open to: Opening and closing dates --> Open 04/20/2018 to 12/03/2018
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