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  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers receiving infrastructure funds for the Missouri River and nearby lakes

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District is set to receive approximately $278 million under the Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act (IIJA).  Almost $249 million of that is to repair damages caused by the 2019 flood to the Bank Stabilization and Navigation Project along the Missouri River (within our district boundary) from Rulo, Neb. to St. Louis, Mo.  In addition to Missouri River repairs, several lakes in the Heartland area will benefit from the IIJA. 
  • Corps of Engineers completes draft study for Lower Grand watershed; hosts public meetings

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District, has partnered with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Missouri Department of Conservation to evaluate potential solutions for the Lower Grand River watershed. Channel instability, stream bank erosion, sedimentation, logjams and stream capture alter water flowing in streams, impair public infrastructure, affect landowners and degrade aquatic and wetland habitats. This study has been conducted with the help and cooperation of other agencies and the public to evaluate these issues.