Kansas City District News Stories

Author: James F. Lowe
  • November

    Kansas City District delivers $740 million program for the Heartland

    As the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District wrapped up final contract awards for fiscal year 2020, the team wants to share a summary of a few major accomplishments and how they tie into the district mission and benefit the Heartland region. The district awarded 1575 contracts worth $740.1 million in fiscal year 2020 – ending September 30.
  • June

    Kayaks and canoes: best view of beauty on the Missouri River

    Whether by kayak, canoe or raft, you can float the Missouri River from Rulo, Nebraska to St. Louis, Mo. fully in the Kansas City District. These 498 miles of river have some of the richest viewing in our area. You will see a palette of colors. In the spring and summer, mostly shades of green. American Sycamore, Silver Maple, Box Elder and River Birch are some of the trees that line the banks. Sand bars offer an opportunity to picnic – with caution as not to disturb wildlife particularly on those marked for endangered species.
  • March

    Collaborative relationships critical to levee safety

    Important to communities because of the benefits they provide, levee systems are part of our nation’s landscape. For example, more than ten million people live or work behind levees in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Levee Safety Program. Located behind these levees nationwide are more than one trillion dollars of public and private property. In the Kansas City District, Geoffrey Henggeler serves as our levee safety program manager. “Levee safety is a shared responsibility. No single entity has all of the tools or resources to deal with levee and flood risk management issues. It takes a team effort between the levee owner, the Corps of Engineers and other stakeholders, including emergency management officials, local community leaders, and other local, state and federal agencies,” said Henggeler.
  • February

    St. Joseph levee improvement project enters new phase

    Construction is closing on the first construction contract award for the gatewell structure at Station 325+01 on the right bank – the west bank – with the second construction contract commencing for the Brown’s Branch gatewell structure on the left bank. 2018 will be a very busy year for design and kicking off of multiple construction contracts supporting levee improvements in the St. Joseph, Mo., area.
  • Water Management: An overview of Osage River Basin operations and rainfall events at Harry S. Truman Reservoir

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Runoff in the Missouri River basin was slightly above average in 2017. Increased releases through the fall has allowed the reservoirs to have all flood storage capability ready for the beginning of the 2018 runoff season. Water management teams help guide the decision making process that prepares our system to handle the unexpected. The coordination through the Northwestern Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in setting releases and storage at the main stem dams in the northern portion of the basin, sets the conditions for our reservoir system on the tributaries that feed into the Missouri River.