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2019 Levee Rehab Status Report

The Kansas City District Corps of Engineers expects a two year duration for levee rehabilitation and does not expect to have levees repaired prior to spring 2020.

24 Contracts Awarded: Henry Pohl, Grape Bollin Schwartz, KS Dept. of Corr., Mi‐De, East Bottoms, Labadie 4/5/6, Berger, NKC 2018, R‐471‐460, Cambridge, NE Saline, Jacobs/Tebbets, Wainwright, Capital View, Cole Junction, Garden of Eden 2/3, Hartsburg 1,2,3, Howard Cnty 2, and 4, Cooper County, Mokane,  Steedman,  Wainwright, Whitham / Garden of Eden 1

7 Contracts/Levees Currently Advertised with Bid Opening Date: Ray Lafayette/HCR1 (7-Apr), L-400 (7-Apr), L-408 (7-Apr), R-440 (9-Apr), Renz (13-Apr), Tri-County/Egypt (30-Apr), Bonne Femme (1-May)

2 Contracts will be advertised soon: Malta/Coles/Saline/Teteseau, Platte County2/Bean Lake (re-solicitating contract due to unawardable bids first solicitation)

11 Contracts need Sponsor's Documentation or Funding to advertise: Brunswick, Canon, Dewitt 1/2, Miami, Plowboy, Saline County 2, Tuque Creek, Wakenda, L246, R500, Lower Chariton.

5 Contracts with Borrow Area or Site Features being coordinated with Sponsor: Holt 9, MO Valley Sec 1/2, Platte County2/Rushville, Reveaux, Holt Co. No. 10,

13 Contracts in Project Information Report/Damage Assessment Phase: Corning, MO Valley D&LD, Ray Carroll, N Topeka, Abilene-LB, Abilene-RB, R-351-1, R-351-2, CID-MO, CID-KS, Argentine, Armourdale, Salina

***Withdrawn (West Glasgow, McBaine, Big Bend, Linneman‐Weekley) and Ineligible (Chamois, 476, and 482) requests have been removed.

***This list includes both federal and non-federal levee status updates.

Federal Levee Rehabilitation Status Updates


Federal Levee Name (click for status) County State
North KC (2018)
246-L (2018)
246-L (2019) Chariton MO
500-R Doniphan MO
Kimsey-Holley Holt MO
497-L Holt MO
488-L Holt MO
455-L Buchanan MO
448-443-L Buchanan MO
471-460-R Doniphan KS
440-R Atchison KS
408-L Platte MO
400-L Platte MO
Lower Chariton Chariton MO
North Topeka Shawnee KS
South Topeka Shawnee KS
East Bottoms Jackson MO
Abilene-Left Bank Dickinson KS
Abilene-Right Bank Dickinson KS
351-R Section 1 Jackson MO
351-R Section 2 Jackson MO
Central Industrial District





Argentine Wyandotte KS
Armourdale Wyandotte KS
Soldier Creek Shawnee KS
Salina Saline KS