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NWK-2023-762 - Update

Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District Regulatory Branch
Published Feb. 6, 2024
Expiration date: 2/20/2024

NOTE:  The Public Notice posted on January 9, 2023 has been updated to reflect corrected proposed impact quantities, and to clarify Section 7 ESA information.  The Public Notice is accordingly held open for comment until February 20, 2024.

APPLICANT: Opus Development Group, LLC

PROJECT LOCATION: The project site is located on approximately 58 acres of agricultural fields, wooded riparian areas, and undeveloped uplands with four unnamed tributaries to Second Creek, and four adjacent wetlands. The project site is located northeast of the intersection of North Congress Avenue and Northwest 108th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. The project location is within Section 25, Township 52 North, Range 34 West, Platte County, Missouri.

ACTIVITY: The applicant proposes to permanently discharge fill into 1,560 linear feet (0.10 acres) of four tributaries to Second Creek, and 1.37 acres within four wetlands (waters of the United States) for the construction of the Congress Avenue Industrial Development.