Kansas City District News Stories

Tag: Northwestern Division
  • October

    Peaks and valleys: Northwestern Division leverages regional project sharing to complete the mission

    Comprised of nearly 37,000 employees, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is tasked with engineering solutions for the nation’s toughest challenges. Across the enterprise, many divisions and districts have seen a surge in workload over the last few years. While USACE has seen similar surges in the past, this increase in workload is larger than many can remember in recent history. The source of the current surge in workload is twofold. According to Col. Travis Rayfield, Kansas City District commander and district engineer, there has been an increase in funding from Congress through various infrastructure bills, which has resulted in more work across the enterprise. Additionally, The Economy Act allows federal agencies to enter into agreements to obtain supplies or services from another agency. This increase in funding for projects, coupled with an increase in resource sharing among agencies, has resulted in the surge in workload the enterprise is experiencing across the nation.
  • May

    Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with Phanna Cea

    In the span of the first six years of Phanna Cea’s life, she had experienced life in a refugee camp and immigrated twice to flee from unrest in the southeast region of Asia during the Vietnam War. For Cea, a native Cambodian, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District hydraulic engineer, these years didn’t define her but grew her strength and appreciation for her home country’s heritage.