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  • Dry conditions affect Smithville Lake recreation

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Shallow points and normally submerged hazards are becoming a common sight as the Smithville Lake level continues to drop. Normal multipurpose pool is 864.2 feet above mean sea level. Currently the lake is at 861.67 msl. The lake level continues to slowly drop due to evaporation, water supply and no additional inflow due to drought conditions within the Smithville Lake watershed counties of Clinton, Clay, and DeKalb. It's important for all visitors to understand the lake and risks associated with recreating in low water.
  • Open house scheduled for Clinton and Perry lakes to review seasonal plans for lake elevations

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Kansas City District at Clinton and Perry Lakes will host a combined open house to review seasonal plans for lake elevations May 25 from 1-3 p.m. at the Clinton Lake project office located at 872 North 1402 Road, Lawrence, Kansas.