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Posted 12/4/2018

Release no. 18-069

KANSAS CITY, Mo. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District urge caution when recreating on or near water this winter. No matter the season, water safety is a year-round concern. We want to remind you that safety is for all seasons.

“We urge you to consider your safety and that of others when recreating at a lake or river this winter,” says Col. Douglas Guttormsen, commander of the Kansas City District. “Weather conditions in the heartland are unpredictable and directly affect the condition of ice on the water. Don’t risk it.”

Before heading outdoors, make a plan, pack accordingly and know the risks. Dress appropriately for the water temperature not the air temperature because you could find yourself capsized, or thrown from a boat. Life jackets save lives and should be worn at all times by anyone in a boat, including those waterfowl hunting or fishing.

Do you know what might happen if you were exposed to cold water? You could find yourself unable to swim in a short amount of time as your arms and legs go numb and you lose the ability to rescue yourself. Many suspected drowning victims actually die from cold water immersion instead of hypothermia. Hypothermia is still something that you should be aware of.  It is a condition in which the body loses heat faster than it can produce it.

Listen to the tips and information provided by the Kansas City District’s commander and park ranger at the cold water immersion safety video link below.


For additional information on water safety or cold water immersion, visit www.pleasewearit.com.  

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