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Duck Blind Drawing

The Duck Blind Drawing will be September 26, 2020 at the Jerry Litton Visitor Center starting at 9:00am.  Bring your current migratory bird permit, current duck stamp, and drivers license. Scroll down for the Zone Map and the Duck Blind Locations maps.

***Note that you must have Google Earth installed on your computer in order to view the Google Earth Map***

2018 Duck Blind Map


2019 Duck Blind Google Earth Map

Waterfowl Pictures

Canada Geese use a field to forage.
Canada geese utilize agricultural lease property around Smithville Lake.
Snow Geese visit the lake every winter

2019 Google Maps Duck Blind Locations

Click HERE to view the 2019 Duck Blind locations via Google Maps KMZ files.  **Google Earth must be installed on your computer in order to open this map**

      Zone A

     Zone B

    Zone C

   Zone E

   Zone F