Smithville Lake Data

Smithville Data

  1. NWK-Smithville Dam Reservoir (NIDID=MO12084 Location Code=15251030)

    Elev = 862.25 (ft MSL) as of: 30/SEP/2022 03:00. Outflow = 8 (cfs) as of: 29/SEP/2022 12:00. Inflow = 5 (cfs) as of: 29/SEP/2022 12:00. Reservoir Storage = 128318 (ac-ft) as of: 30/SEP/2022 03:00. Surface Water Temperature = 71 (DegF) as of: 28/SEP/2022 12:00.

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Date:    September 29, 2022

Lake Elevation:   862.26 (mean sea level)

Lake Condition:  The lake is 1 foot 11 inches below normal pool.  The annual lake drawdown started early again this year.   This will allow our contractors to work on the downstream side of the dam by the spillway. For a 7 day graph of the lake elevation, click here:,62615 

Normal Elevation:    864.20 msl

Spillway Outflow: 8 cfs (cubic feet per second).  

Water Surface Temperature:  70 degrees F

Wind Direction:  east

Wind Speed:     2 mph

24 Hour Peak Wind:   20 mph

24 Hour Precipitation:    0.00  inches               


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