Smithville Lake Data

Smithville Data

  1. NWK-Smithville Dam Reservoir (NIDID=MO12084 Location Code=15251030)

    Elev = 862.24 (ft MSL) as of: 20/MAR/2023 16:00. Outflow = 8 (cfs) as of: 20/MAR/2023 12:00. Inflow = 15 (cfs) as of: 20/MAR/2023 12:00. Reservoir Storage = 128252 (ac-ft) as of: 20/MAR/2023 16:00. Surface Water Temperature = 37 (DegF) as of: 20/MAR/2023 12:00.

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Date:    March 20, 2023

Lake Elevation:   862.25 (mean sea level)

Lake Condition:  The lake is 2 feet below normal pool.  For a 7 day graph of the lake elevation, click here:,62615 

Normal Elevation:    864.20 msl

Spillway Outflow: 8 cfs (cubic feet per second).  

Water Surface Temperature:  37 degrees F

Wind Direction:  south

Wind Speed:   12 mph

24 Hour Peak Wind:    31 mph

24 Hour Precipitation:    0.00 inches             


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