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Rathbun Lake automated daily info

  1. NWK-Rathbun Dam Reservoir (NIDID=IA00016 Location Code=5673030)

    Elev = 904.59 (ft MSL) as of: 04/JUL/2020 13:00. Outflow = 13 (cfs) as of: 04/JUL/2020 12:00. Inflow = 50 (cfs) as of: 04/JUL/2020 12:00. Reservoir Storage = 227812 (ac-ft) as of: 04/JUL/2020 13:00.

Daily Lake Information

  • Know the current lake conditions.
  • Be aware of forecast weather.
  • Always wear your life jacket

All readings taken at 8:00 a.m.

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Date:  02 July 2020

Lake Elevation:  904.63'

Normal Lake Level:  904.00'

Discharging to the

Chariton River:  500 cfs

Rathbun Fish Hatchery:  2 cfs

Chariton River Gauge Readings

Below the Dam:  4.90'

Moulton Gauge:  21.16'

Precipitation:  0.00"

Lake Surface:  77 degrees

Rathbun Lake Pool Elevation / Inflows / Releases

Rathbun Lake Pool Elevation / Inflows / Releases

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