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Sun Dance Park

Sun Dance Park, is located at the southwest corner of the lake. The campground has 25 gravel camp pads. As of 2017, this area is no longer a free camping area. Sites are $10 per night and can be paid at the fee vault located at the entrance of the campground. In addition, a boat ramp is available for visitors wishing to use the upstream reaches of the lake.  This area is known for its excellent catfishing.



Please observe the following rules while in the park.  Keep in mind that these rules not only protect park resources and visitor safety,  but also reflect common courtesy toward other park visitors.

Melvern Lake reminds campers of the $10/night camping fee at Sun Dance Campground for the 2018 Recreation Season. The fee applies to campers from May 1 thru September 30, and is payable at the self-pay station at the entrance to the campground. Camping fees may be paid by check or cash. Campers are allowed to camp up to 14 consecutive days at the same location. Following 14 consecutive days, campers must vacate Sun Dance Campground for a minimum of 24 hours prior to returning. Please note that while the fee does not pertain to the winter months (October 1-April 30), the 14 day camping time limit remains the same.


To avoid overcrowding sites, a maximum of two camping units is allowed per campsite (two tents, or one tent and one RV), and a maximum of two vehicles are allowed per campsite.  


For more information on the camping fee, visit the Melvern Lake Information Center located at the south end of Melvern Dam or call 785-549-3318.  

 -  Campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

 - To avoid overcrowding sites a maximum of 2 units is allowed per campsite (2 tents or 1 tent and 1 RV) and a maximum of 2 vehicles is allowed per campsite.

-  Travel and parking are only allowed on park roadways.  When parking at campsites, keep at least 2 wheels on the road or camp pad.

 - Swimming pools, water slides and other large water toys are not allowed in park areas, due to water waste, turf degradation and the potential drowning hazard. Wading pools are allowed for young children, with adult supervision.

 -  Beer kegs or party balls are not allowed in the campgrounds or on the beach.

 -  Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m.  Visitors must be out of the campgrounds by 10 p.m.   

 -  All pets must be kept on a leash not more than 6 feet in length.  Pets are not allowed in shower buildings, restrooms or on the swimming beach.

 -  Please keep a clean campsite.  Trash bags are provided and should be deposited in the dumpsters upon departure.

-  When departing the campsite please stack any leftover firewood, off the grass, next to the fire ring.  

-  Please report any theft, loss, accident or disturbance to Lake Patrol or Park Rangers.  

A complete set of park Title 36 Rules and Regulations is available from a Park Ranger or the Park Attendant.