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Natural Resource Management

Natural resource management at Clinton Lake focuses on maintaining and restoring high quality habitat in order to benefit a diverse range of wildlife species.  Management activities are carefully considered in order to maximize wildlife benefits while providing high quality, diverse recreation opportunities for visitors.  Some common management activities performed by staff include, but are not limited to the following:

 ·     Prescribed burning

 ·     Mechanical and chemical invasive species control

 ·     Native grass restoration

 ·     Conservation tree and shrub plantings

 ·     Food plots

 ·     Promotion of species beneficial to pollinators

 ·     Special managed hunts

 ·     Fish habitat improvement

 ·     Wetland management

 ·     Wildlife inventories and surveys

 ·     Educational outreach and interpretive programs

 For more information about these activities or to volunteer, please contact the Clinton Lake Project Office at (785) 843-7665. You may also inquire about volunteer opportunities in person at the Clinton Lake Information Center at 872 N. 1402 Rd.  Lawrence, KS 66049.