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Clinton Lake daily automated info

  1. NWK-Clinton Dam Reservoir (NIDID=KS00026 Location Code=5488030)

    Elev = 879.56 (ft MSL) as of: 06/APR/2020 00:00. Outflow = 21 (cfs) as of: 05/APR/2020 12:00. Inflow = 200 (cfs) as of: 05/APR/2020 12:00. Reservoir Storage = 150690 (ac-ft) as of: 06/APR/2020 00:00. Surface Water Temperature = 55 (DegF) as of: 03/APR/2020 12:00.

Daily Lake Information

  • Know the current lake conditions.
  • Be aware of weather forecast.
  • Always wear your life jacket.

Date:    April 3, 2020

Lake Elevation:    879.48

Normal Elevation:    875.50      

Outflow to Wakarusa:   21 CFS          

                                     Air Temperature and Precipitation

Current (8:00 am):  28 °F

Low:  28 °F

High:  67 °F

Water Surface Temperature:  55.4°F  (2 April 2020) 

Rainfall:  0.00                     


Direction:  W

Current:  3 mph

Max:  27 mph

Additional Lake Info:  Water levels are rising above normal again.  All boat ramps at Clinton Lake, with the exception of Boat Ramp #3 in the Clinton State Park and Boat Ramp #4 in the Bloomington East Park (currently closed) are open, with Bloomington Boat Ramps having their courtesy docks pulled out, until the lake level stabilizes.  Boat Ramps #1 and #2 in the Clinton State Park do have courtesy docks in place.  Cedar Ridge/Hickory/Walnut campgrounds, in Bloomington East Park, are closed, until 15 May 2020, at the earliest, due to cautions concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.

***Rockhaven Park is undergoing some changes to the campsites this winter.  At present, none of the Rockhaven Park campsites are open to reservations for this summer, due to alterations being made.  Rockhaven will be closed, until 15 May 2020, at the earliest, due to cautions concerning the Covid-19 pandemic.



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