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Commitment to Quality


Commitment to Quality

Revolutionize Effectiveness

  • We are committed to continuously evaluate our systems, processes, resources and organizational structure to ensure that we are aligned to achieve quality results. We will build upon our distinguished history.
  • We will strive to be recognized as the organization of choice by our customers and our workforce. We will exceed the expectations of those we serve and support.
  • We will provide the best quality products and services with the most technically competent workforce. We will improve effectiveness by continuously reviewing our best business practices and realigning to meet the customer's needs.
  • We will partner with other Corps elements to provide our customers with seamless and integrated quality effort.
  • We are each important to the District's mission. We encourage team leadership that builds on individual strengths, values, diversity and achieves unity of effort. We support personal and professional growth in all people.

Seek Growth Opportunities

  • Planning for the future means that we will always be ready for the unexpected. We will determine what processes and additional skills we need to remain viable, using our full potential, as we embrace additional responsibilities.
  • We will build upon and maintain a cohesive workforce that is fully prepared to respond to diverse missions.
  • We will develop ways to enhance our relationships with current and potential customers. We will provide to them a means to measure and evaluate satisfaction.
  • We will develop a strategic marketing plan as the Corps expands and enhances its traditional missions.

Invest in People

  • We are committed to earning and keeping the trust of all stakeholders.
  • Our leadership will demonstrate through personal leadership and involvement, our core values of quality, integrity, professionalism, caring and safety.
  • We will develop corporate strategies that involve our workforce in the entire process. We will build and maintain an environment that is rich in participation, communication, personal and organizational growth.
  • We will respect and honor the whole person.
  • We will embrace the concepts of "One Corps, One Regiment, One Team."